29 Aug 2016

Add keys to animCurveUU

I was looking for any descriptions, posts how can add keys to maya anim curve (UU).
Just use float keyword instead of time:

import maya.cmds as cmds
animCurve = cmds.createNode('animCurveUU')
cmds.setKeyframe(animCurve, float=0.0, value=0.0)

17 Feb 2016

Ik handle evaluation bug

In the studio sometimes came up an issue. There was no cycle at all in the rig but in the shot scene with animation the rig behaved that has cycle (rig had fk driven ik). I think it is a maya bug but we found a solution for that issue. Put a keyframe on any attributes on ik handles in any case the handles will be evaluated.

1 Feb 2016

Maya Muscle bug

There is a solution when you want to connect a maya muscle object to the muscle deformer and appairs the following error message:

"Cannot use data of type int[] in a scalar operation."

The solution is check out the shape names of the maya muscle objects. Probably there are two with the same names. Rename them then try to connect again.


8 Dec 2015

Call of Duty: Advanced warefare

I am so proud of it :)
YouTube link

Git tutorial

I have just found a brilliant tutorial for git. If you had any problem how git works definitely you have to watch this page.

Atlassian Git Tutorial

23 Jul 2015

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Because of the naked vampire creature we developed some muscle technology. I think the result is good enough, but need more work for perfect outlook. Check it out!

31 Mar 2015

Assassin Creed: Unity

We hade a long and grueling half year when were working on Unity. Lots of characters, crowd and shots. I was responsible for eagle rig. We had to solve the feathers to look so cool because we can see really close. We got a tons of experience on this project how to build a realistic bird that easy to animate. We tried many different ways while found the best one. I hope you liked it!

Assassin Creed: Unity trailer

PyCharm is awesome

So rigging guys, I started to use pycharm at Digic one year ago. Thanks Boris to mention me! This program easily awesome! I can not get enough of it! I can just really suggest for every rigging and developer guys. The best IDE for python programming that I've ever seen.

Official web


I was a bit lazy the last two years to write any posts but I will make it good. My first new post is about "Watchdogs exposed trailer". I worked on some supporting characters like policeman and the girl who accompanied the bad guy to the elevator. We start to use some deformation technic that was developed by me.
The bad guy
Watchdogs exposed trailer

25 Dec 2012

Halo 4: Spartan Ops episodes by Axis animation

Halo 4: Spartan ops episodes the last project that I worked on at Axis Animation. I was resposible for deformation of techsuit on spartan ops. Enjoy!

Spartan Ops - Episode 1

Spartan Ops - Episode 2

Spartan Ops - Episode 3

Spartan Ops - Episode 4

Spartan Ops - Episode 5

CG Society news - Halo 4 Spartan ops by Axis Animation

8 Nov 2012

Python 'super()' function bug

I have a diamond inheritance and used super() function to avoid issues.

# TypeError: super(type, obj): obj must be an instance or subtype of type #
I got this error message. I've seeked for solutions for this problem.
First you could try to reorder the importing. Sometimes it helps but not in every case. There is still the issue probably you have too many reload in baseclasses. Remove them.

I hope it is handy for you.

18 Oct 2012

Some definitions


Objects are Python’s abstraction for data. All data in a Python program is represented by objects or by relations between objects. (In a sense, and in conformance to Von Neumann’s model of a “stored program computer,” code is also represented by objects.) Every object has an identity, a type and a value.


An object’s type determines the operations that the object supports (e.g., “does it have a length?”) and also defines the possible values for objects of that type.
to be continued..


In computer programming, a variable is a storage location and an associated symbolic name (an identifier) which contains some known or unknown quantity or information, a value. The variable name is the usual way to reference the stored value; this separation of name and content allows the name to be used independently of the exact information it represents. The identifier in computer source code can be bound to a value during run time, and the value of the variable may thus change during the course of program execution. Variables in programming may not directly correspond to the concept of variables in mathematics. The value of a computing variable is not necessarily part of an equation or formula as in mathematics. In computing, a variable may be employed in a repetitive process: assigned a value in one place, then used elsewhere, then reassigned a new value and used again in the same way (see iteration). Variables in computer programming are frequently given long names to make them relatively descriptive of their use, whereas variables in mathematics often have terse, one- or two-character names for brevity in transcription and manipulation.